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Sarah P Bullock Design Business Card Example
Fake Company Business Card Example

– I had the idea of making a business card for an air balloon company that would advertise for businesses
– This fake company would use signs on the air balloon baskets when guests would walk around while they are on the ground
– This fake company would also create balloons that were essentially a floating advertisement that covers the entire balloon
– People love to watch hot air balloons

Thought Process

– Incorporate logo with the fake company name shortened into an acronym to leave space among the card
– Make it simple and colorful with splashes of color
– Colors represent the beauty of the skies and creativity


– Simple and colorful card
– Eye-catching

Sarah Bullock Butterfly Graphic Design
Galaxy Butterfly

– I saw a beautiful butterfly and decided to draw one that had a galaxy theme

Thought Process

– Purple and pink colors with sparkles and stars dispersed randomly
– Instead of giving the lines a color, use black and feather the edges
– Give the butterfly a glow with the colors near it


– Added a darker blue as a solid background to let the colors shine without being too bright with a black background

Sarah Bullock Sunset Cardinal Graphic Design
Sunset Cardinal

– The galaxy butterfly and seeing a cardinal, inspired me to draw a cardinal with sunset colors

Thought Process

– Include sunset colors: yellow, orange, red, red-purple, purple
– Feather the hairs to give it a more realistic touch
– Give the background a purple-blue blended look to let the sunset cardinal pop
– Add a tree in the background
– Give the bird a branch to sit on


– Realized the feet didn’t have any depth, added the rings to make them 3-dimensional
– Add shadows to the feet, under the bird, and to the wing of the bird
– A beautiful sunset cardinal to look at